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“Our approach addresses many of the key issues of network and system integration such as complexity and interoperability”

Digicall® Voice Termination Service

As a facilities-based carrier or service provider, you need an underlying provider with the reliability to deliver consistent performance and the flexibility to adapt to rapid change.
Digicall Voice Termination service is delivered over IP Based Next Gen voice network, which is built to the specifications 2nd tier telco infrastructures.

We have the operational control to ensure end-to-end quality management of your voice traffic througout our network. Our integrated IP voice backbone delivers on the promise of convergence, whether you're offering traditional TDM services or pursuing cutting-edge VoIP applications.

Digicall® International Voice Termination Service

Service providers with healthy – yet not completely predictable – international voice traffic need a means to economically provide service for voice customers making international calls. You also need an underlying carrier to help manage for continuous fluctuations in the market while supporting your on-going profitability.

Digicall International Voice Termination service is
competitively priced on a per-minute basis and managed aggressively in real time, to allow for success-based investment in your international business. Our infrastructures allows you to buy services based on what you need to serve your wholesale customers and retail end users. And because we manage your service in real time, you’re protected from fluctuations in both
demand and voice termination rates.

Digicall Business Services and Business Objects is always expanding, examples include:

  • Direct POPs
  • A to Z
  • Softswitch Hosting
  • Billing Hosting
  • NOC Outsourcing

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