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“All this is about making communication more efficient, and by doing so, making it more broadly available and providing a richer experience.”
Gartner Research on VoIP

Digicall Xchange has built from deployed VoIP gateways interconnecting with Group Telecom PSTN network in its global network to deliver carrier grade voice services to telecommunications carriers that require the highest level of reliability and voice quality for Telcos and Multinational Company.

Through our direct mobile termination points in Asia Pacific, Europe and bilateral agreements with many of the leading multinational carriers, we are able to provide over 200 A-Z destinations, ensuring competitive pricing and reliable network.

Leveraging the quality of service (QoS) and fault tolerance features of Cisco and Quintum gateways, digicall provides carriers with a flexible and scalable infrastructure that enables the delivery of carrier grade VoIP applications.

We understand the importance and needs of providing our clients with accurate billing reports. Therefore, digicall provides detailed invoices with description of all weekly calls using an award winning third party billing solution (WebCDR).

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